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  • loja florista flores do liz em Leiria Portugal
  • Entrega de flores, ramos, bouquets, arranjos

    entrega de flores, bouquets e arranjos florais ao domicílio
  • loja florista flores do liz em Leiria Portugal
  • ofereça flores este mês

Bouquet of Mix Cut Flowers

Pricing from: € 50

Bouquet of 5 Long Stemmes Red Roses

Ramo c/ 5 Rosas vermelhas Equador de Pé Alto 50/60cm do Equador e folhagens diversas e atado de ráfia.5 Rosas a 1,70 €; 2 Fetos a 0,60 €; 2 Beargrass a 0,60 €; 3 Aspidistras a 0,60 €; 1 Ruscus a 0,60 €; Laço de Ráfia 1,00 €
Pricing from: € 24

Plant Anthurium, Sparkling Wine and Chocolates

Planta de Anthurium devidamente embalada acompanhada de uma garrafa de espumante nacional e caixa de chocolates
Pricing from: € 55

Mix Cut Flowers

Pricing from: € 40

Elegant Hand Bouquet

Pricing from: € 60

Bouquet of Mix Cut Flowers

Ramo rendondo de flores mistas
Pricing from: € 50

Bouquet of Mix Cut Flowers

Pricing from: € 45
Thank you - Monday, September 23, 2019
I want to thank and congratulate you for the service provided. A lot of seriousness and professionalism. I am very happy with the work done. Regards, Santiago Ford. (Uruguai)

About us

About Us

Flores do Liz

Commerce engaged in the floral art in Portugal since 1977, after 10 years of cooperation in France  with  the  floral  art champion.

Portuguese representatives in several events, including the World Floral Art Fleurop - Interflora Championships held in Detroit - U.S.A. 

Flores do Liz, constituted by 5 highly skilled  and  modern  professionals  in  the  decoration  of  small  and  big  spaces everywhere in Portugal.  

We assure the highest quality level and quickness, sending and receiving from and to the whole world, in the  shortest interval of time, the most beautiful and flowery love messages. 


We design, build and maintain your Gardens and Green Spaces


With a team of specialized technicians aiming to constantly improve their art and skills, we provide a full service in the gardening and landscaping area, based on a wide knowledge that ensures the best cost / benefit ...


Carefully selected species and accessories to design spaces that remain green, elegant and full of perfume every month of the year, with less maintenance and maximum tranquility. There the spirit can rest in communion with creation.


We strive to integrate the most appropriate plants to natural and architectural elements of each context without taking them as limits to inspiration. Seeking the perfect harmony between our experience and the customer's dream, we make every garden a unique landscape.