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Special Dates


  1 January    New Year's day
  6 January  King's Day
  9 February Mother's Day in Norway 2020
14 February Valentine's day
25 February Carnival 2020 
  1 March Grandparents Day, in France 2020
  3 March     Mother's Day in Georgia
  8 March      Internacional Women's day
  8 March Mother's day in Albania, Bhutan, Bulgaria, Estonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia
19 March Father's day in Portugal 
21 March Mother's day in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates
23 March Mother´s day in England 2020
25 March Mother's Slovenia
  5 April "Domingo de Ramos" bridesmaids' day
  7 April Mother's day in Armenia and Greece
12 April Easter 2020 
25 April      Liberation Day, Portugal

  3 May   

Mother's Day 2020- Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde, Hungary, Lithuania, Mozambique, Spain

10 May

Mother's Day - Bahrain, Guatemala, Hong-Kong, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Qatar and Singapore

10 May     

Mother's Day 2020 - Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Cuba, Cyprus, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece,  Italy,Japan, Latvia, Netherlands, , New Zealand, Peru, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela and Zambia (2nd Sunday in May)

15 May Mother's Day in Paraguay
26 May Mother's Day in Poland
27 May Mother's Day in Bolivia
31 May     Mother´s Day in Doninican Republic, France, Haiti and Sweden 2020
  1 June      World Children's Day
  5 June      Environment day
10 June      Portugal Day
12 June  Valentine's day in BRASIL
13 June      Saint Anthony's Day - Popular Saints
14 June Mother's Day in Luxembourg 2020
16 June      Father's day in Canada, Chile, EUA, France, Japan, Netherlands, Mexico, South Africa, Unit Kingdom,Turky and Venezuela 2019
24 June      Saint John's Day - Popular Saints
29 June      Saint Peter's Day - Popular Saints
26 July     Grandparents day
12 August   Mother's Day in Thailand
15 August Mother´s Day in Belgium and Costa Rita
19 August Mother's Day in India
  6 October Grandfather's day, France
20 October Mother's Day in Argentina and Belarus 2019
27 Octover Mother-in-Low Day's in France
31 October Halloween
  1 November      All Souls' Day
  2 November  Hallowmas Day
11 November     Father's day in Sweden
  5 December Father's Day in Thailand
  8 December  Immaculate Conception (Old Mother's day in Portugal)
25 December    Christmas Day