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Terms and Conditions of Use

Ordering and Delivery

How to order flowers?

Ordering in Flores do Liz is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Select the country where flowers are to be delivered,
  2. Select the bouquet / arrangement intended,
  3. Select the price
  4. Select the date, delivery time and message (optional) to include with the flowers,
  5. Enter the recipient's address,
  6. Enter your personal / invoice data,
  7. Select Unicre payment method (Visa, Mastercard), ATM or Bank Transfer,
  8. Confirm your purchase,
  9. You will receive a confirmation of your order.

We are at your disposal for any additional questions you might have concerning your flowers' order or any other information. We aim to answer within a maximum of two days.


Understandably, flower prices vary according to the time of year / country / region.

All prices include VAT at the prevailing rate.

If for any reason the recipient refuses to accept the flowers, the order amount will not be refunded.


Thanks to our single market worldwide, we can deliver your order within hours, almost anywhere in the world.

However, due to the various time zones and schedules of the means of transportation, delivery on the same day can only be guaranteed under the following condition:
  • The flower arrangement arrives in the delivery country until 12:00 (local time), at the latest.

We cannot guarantee deliveries on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and holidays, camps, military bases, boats, ports and airports.

For special orders or questions please contact us.

Delivery address

To process your order on time and without any delay, please check the following points in relation to the recipient's address:
  • Please verify carefully whether the delivery address (including telephone number), is complete and correct. We cannot accept any responsibility for late or non-delivery due to an incomplete or incorrect address.
  • For deliveries to hospitals, please indicate ward, floor and room number whenever possible. The delivery will only take place with permission of the hospital's desk.
  • For deliveries in hotels, please indicate room number and recipient's name (couples, group, etc.) or reserve registration name. The delivery will only take place with permission of the hotel's desk.

Order confirmation

For each order you will receive confirmation by email within a few minutes, including order number and detailed information of the chosen product (selected item, purchase price, delivery date and recipient and sender addresses) if you have correctly completed the order form.


Flowers are seasonal products and some varieties may not always be available at the florist. Sometimes we are unable to guarantee permanent availability of specific flowers / plants to each store worldwide, especially if orders are received at short notice.

Therefore, each product may have slightly differences to the one shown at the online store; however, each arrangement is a work of art, made especially for you and you can rest assured that every effort will be made to match the color and shape of the product shown in our online image.

Delivery Terms

Delivery Date

As a general rule, the delivery occurs on the requested Delivery Date.
In the absence of the recipient, the florist will leave a telephone message or a delivery notice card, requesting contact so that the delivery can successfully take place.
In case the delivery is not successful during the first 24H, the client will receive information about the non-delivery reason.

The florist may however be authorized the to leave the flowers with someone you trust (eg. a neighbor, receptionist, porter, funeral home, etc.) deemed appropriate for the delivery of flowers to the recipient. The same applies to additional items (accompanying card, gift article, etc.).

Fixed schedule

It can only be arranged with the prior agreement of our customer service department.


  • February 14, Valentine's Day. Due to the high number of orders (one of the busiest days of the year), orders for Valentine's Day, may exceptionally not be delivered in the requested time, but it is guaranteed they will be delivered the same day.
  • Mother's day. Usually delivered on Sunday, exceptionally may be delivered in the previous Saturday or later Monday.
  • Christmas and New Year. The order may be delivered 2 or 3 days before the requested date.

Cancellation / Revocation of Power

Flower orders can be canceled until two business days prior to the delivery date, by giving details of the order number.

Cancellation after this time can only be accepted in exceptional circumstances and refund is not guaranteed.

Cancellations must be requested by email to: